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Join Lynne McTaggart – featured in Dan Brown’s latest best-seller ‘The Lost Symbol’ – for a very special live phone-in event

Live Phone-In: Sunday, November 21st
6pm GMT (1 pm Eastern; 10am Pacific)

Week after week, Lynne McTaggart – author of the best-sellers ‘The Intention Experiment’ and ‘The Field’ – demonstrates that thoughts really can affect matter.

They can heal, they can change people’s fortunes, they can even change people’s minds. She demonstrates the power of focused thoughts in workshops around the world – where the most astonishing healings have happened in front of everyone – and she even has proven it under rigorous laboratory conditions.

The best-seller author Dan Brown was so impressed by Lynne’s work that he features her in his latest block-buster ‘The Lost Symbol’, and he makes intention a pivotal part of the plotline.

Despite the vast amount of evidence that Lynne has amassed, it all seems incredible. Impossible even. After all, we’ve had times when we’ve wished for ourselves a better life, or getting that job – and nothing has happened.

That’s because intention is a learned skill, and Lynne has spent years discovering what it really is, and how you can bring it into your life with sensational results.

In just a few days time, Lynne will be staging a unique live event that could have a big impact on your life – and she really wants you to be there.

It’s going to be a 90-minute teleconference – you just listen in from any phone – and Lynne will explain just how it works.

In this unique event, Lynne is going to explain to you her techniques, and how you can bring intention into your life – right from day one. It might be a financial problem, or a relationship you want to mend. Perhaps you are looking for healing, or to help someone close to you.

Whatever the issue, Lynne has scientifically demonstrated that intention is a powerful force in the universe that can transform, heal and change. And it’s a power that has been granted to each and every one of us. No special 'gift' is needed – just the belief it can work, and practicing Lynne’s techniques.

But there's a limit to the numbers who can sit in on this live event – we strongly recommend you reserve your place right away.

In these information-packed 90 minutes you will learn:

  • what intention really is – and isn’t
  • why it works and the science behind it
  • how to ‘power up’ before intending
  • the best time of the day to intend
  • the ideal conditions for intending
  • the exact number of people for successful group intention
  • the classic mistakes that people make when intending
  • why ‘The Secret’ has disappointed so many people

Lynne is one of the world's foremost authorities on intention. Her book, The Intention Experiment, has been an international best-seller, reaching no.3 on Amazon, and her website regularly attracts tens of thousands of people, who take part in her intention experiments.

She also runs workshops around the world, which cost delegates thousands of dollars in fees, travel and accommodation.

But you can attend this live event with Lynne for just a fraction of that amount – and from the comfort of your own home. You just need a phone and, ideally, a PC as you follow the talk.

Places will go fast, and there’s a limit on how many people can listen in at the same time. So don’t be disappointed, don’t put it off until tomorrow – book your place now!

Some of Lynne’s intention successes

Many people already follow Lynne’s techniques, and together they’ve had some remarkable successes.

Here are just a few of the miracles that happen almost every week:

  • Two construction site workers suffered terrible burns to their hands in an accident on site. The burns were almost identical as the two workers were just inches apart. One sought hospital treatment; but the other, aware of Lynne’s work, decided to have intention first. His hand dramatically improved in just six days – and his doctor said he was a ‘medical miracle’. His colleague continued having medical treatment for six further weeks.
  • A young man suffered appalling injuries after a motorcycle accident. Doctors reckoned he would be in intensive care for months. His mother put him forward for one of Lynne’s weekly intentions – and his recovery was dramatic, astonishing his doctors
  • A worried mother asked Lynne and her team of intenders to help bring back her daughter. The daughter had run away from home, she rebelled against everything, and she refused to make contact with her parents. Within a few days after the intending, she turned up at the front door, transformed.
  • One woman was crippled with the debilitating disease, ankylosing spondylitis. She asked for healing intention – and a week later, she reported back to Lynne and her group that she was pain-free.

Whether it’s healing, or a financial crisis, or a relationship that’s gone wrong, intention can help. We all have this amazing power – but we just don’t use it. Some of us may have tried after watching the film ‘The Secret’ – but most will have given up. That’s because the real secret is that intention won’t work if you don’t know how.

Lynne will explain the techniques of intention in this unique 90-minute live event. But book your place today – because tomorrow all the places may have been taken. We certainly know they will go quickly, so why delay?

What delegates have said about Lynne’s workshops

  • “I loved Lynne’s energy, enthusiasm, humour and humility” – EB, Chicago
  • “It showed me that I am not alone” – TJ, Arizona
  • “I realized just how much I resist my own divine purpose, and I wonder if that relates to illness.” – LV, Texas
  • “I learned we are programmed for empathy. It was a fantastic production!” – WN, Chicago
  • “I love Lynne and all her insights and experiments” – PB, New Mexico
  • “It made me more attentive to the messages I send and receive every minute of every day, unconsciously and often negatively. The workshop reminded me to be attentive to everything around me.” – AC, Illinois
  • “The workshop was a nice balance between theory and practice.” – FM, Colorado
  • “I saw the power of group intention – it really works!” – TP, Mass
  • “The workshop was a tremendous experience. I appreciate both the content and the style of the presenters. Lynne is genuine, and isn’t caught up in her ego. Very refreshing! The work is incredibly important and I intend to use this information to help me and my patients. The information she is sharing is at the core of energy work and energy healing.”- LB, Chicago
  • “Terrific program!” – DR, Florida
  • “It was uplifting” – MA, California
  • “Please can you make it a five-day workshop?” – PV, North Carolina
  • “It was a great workshop. It was very informative, pleasant and fun. It went by too fast.” – GB, San Francisco
  • “I learned the inherent power of intention, awakening the spiritual vitality, and the healing value of one-ness.” – HB, Sydney, Australia
  • “This gave me the tools to be a clearer and more powerful transmitter and receiver.” – CV, Puerto Rica

What other ‘New Thought’ leaders say about Lynne and her work

The Intention Experiment is an extraordinary advance in our understanding of consciousness as a field of all possibilities where intention orchestrates its own fulfilment DEEPAK CHOPRA
Our thoughts and intentions help shape the world out there – The Intention Experiment shows why – LARRY DOSSEY
McTaggart has accomplished the remarkable task of explaining the science of intention with clarity and precision – CAROLINE MYSS
Lynne McTaggart has shed new light on the true meaning of life’s connectedness. Her work has had an unprecedented impact on the way everyday people think of themselves in the world – GREGG BRADEN
This classic in the making promises to change the world forever – URI GELLER
The secrets are no longer a secret…Lynne walks you through each step and takes the mystery out of creating change in your life and the world through intention – LINDA EVANS (actress, TV star of ‘Dynasty’)
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