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Join Lynne McTaggart – Author of The Field & The Intention Experiment – for a very special live phone-in event

Live Phone-In: Sunday, August 1st
6pm GMT (1 pm Eastern; 10am Pacific)

Lynne McTaggart – author of the best-selling books ‘The Field’ and ‘The Intention Experiment’ – has helped revolutionize the way we think about the world and ourselves.

However, not everyone knows that she is also the editor of one of the world’s most highly-regarded health publications, 'What Doctors Don’t Tell You'.

In The New Healing teleconference call, Lynne brings her two worlds together for an enlightening and inspiring talk that will take you on a journey of discovery that will help you see yourself, and your body, in a completely new way.

In just a few days time, Lynne will be staging a unique live event that could have a big impact on your life – and she really wants you to be there.

It’s going to be a 90-minute teleconference – you just listen in from any phone.

But there's a limit to the numbers who can sit in on this live event – we strongly recommend you reserve your place right away.

In this 90-minute call, you will discover:

  • why conventional medicine so often fails
  • what we really are
  • how to ‘power up’ before intending
  • what illness actually is, and how we get ill
  • the new science behind getting well, and staying well

Lynne will also take you on a tour through some of the most popular energy medicine systems, and evaluates their potential. She will include:

  • Bioresonance: this modality includes systems like the Vega machine and MRS2000, and claims to analyze wave form oscillations in the body. Bioresonance devices set up an interference effect that purports to cancel out the diseased frequencies.
  • Pulsed electronic fields, which direct the most life-enhancing frequencies of electromagnetic energy to the body to enhance cellular activity.
  • Scenar, a technology pioneered by Russian physicists during the Soviet era, it delivers pulsed electrical energy by mimicking the body’s own natural electromagnetic emissions.
  • Quantum QXCI, an electromagnetic feedback system that claims to identify problems in the body – such as nutrient levels, enzymes, muscle tone, bacteria and mould – before they manifest into disease.

All you need on the day is a telephone. You will receive full course notes before the call itself and, depending on the level you purchase, you could receive a full transcript and an MP3 audio download afterwards.

However, teleconferences use standard telephone technology. This means there is a limit on the numbers that listen in at any one time. We have pre-booked a set number of lines – so when that number is reached, the call is closed to any later applicants. As this is going to be a very popular call, we strongly recommend that you book your place today.

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