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Psychic Ability

Join Lynne McTaggart – Author of The Field & The Intention Experiment – for a very special live phone-in event

Live Phone-In: Sunday, August 1st
6pm GMT (1 pm Eastern; 10am Pacific)

You already have psychic abilities – the ability to ‘see’ beyond your immediate space and time. The problem is that either you don’t realise it, or you haven’t learned how to enhance these skills.

Lynne has been studying both the art and science of ‘clairvoyance’ — the art of seeing into the future — and the answer is that we’re all born with this skill. All we need to do is cultivate it through training.

Join Lynne for a special learning experience on August 1st when she will be teaching you how to develop your own clairvoyant abilities.

In just a few days time, Lynne will be staging a unique live event that could have a big impact on your life – and she really wants you to be there.

It’s going to be a 90-minute teleconference – you just listen in from any phone.

But there's a limit to the numbers who can sit in on this live event – we strongly recommend you reserve your place right away.

Most of us have had some experience that seems to be outside of time or space, or both. Perhaps you’ve had a dream that foretold a future event, or you might have thought about a person who then phoned you. You have probably 'felt' someone staring at you while your back is turned.

Before the two airplanes struck the twin towers on September 11, 2001, hundreds of people in the New York area vividly forecast the tragedy in their dreams; biologist Rupert Sheldrake collected hundreds of their stories.

Is this normal capacity we all share, or simply that of the talented few?

Find out how you can develop your clairvoyant capacity by joining Lynne for a special teleseminar on Sunday, August 1st.

Lynne McTaggart has chronicled psychic and ESP phenomena for the past 10 years, and has become one of the world’s leading authorities. She has also shown thousands how to use their thoughts to influence things and events in the world through her many intention experiments.

Now, in this exciting new program, she invites you to extend beyond intention and to start working on the innate psychic abilities that you already have. She will reveal how you can harness these powers in a new live teleseminar call, which is happening on Sunday, August 1st. The call lasts 90 minutes and every participant will also receive full course notes.

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