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Join Lynne McTaggart – Author of The Field The Intention Experiment – for a very special live phone-in event

Live Phone-In: Sunday, May 2nd
6pm UK (BST) (1 pm Eastern; 10am Pacific, 7pm Continental Europe)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’ve been thinking about someone and they suddenly phone you? Or perhaps you have a feeling that a situation – or perhaps a place – just doesn’t feel right?

These are two common-place examples of intuition that we’ve all experienced some time or another. Most of us don’t have any control over these sudden feelings – they just seem to happen – but supposing you could develop your intuitive capacity so that you were ‘tuned in’ to the people and the world around you?

Lynne McTaggart, best-selling author of ‘The Field and ‘The Intention Experiment’ – and who is strongly featured in Dan Brown’s latest block-buster ‘The Lost Symbol’ – has discovered that intuition is a power that can be worked on, almost like a ‘mental muscle’, and many indigenous people around the world have done just that.

Their intuitive capacity is so great that they have sensed when earthquakes are about to happen, when tsunamis are soon to be unleashed – and even where they can capture game.

Lynne has studied their methods and practices and has brought years of research into a programme she calls ‘BrainTraining’ – and she is ready to teach you these skills in a live teleconference call.

It will be a 90-minute teleconference – or teleseminar, as it’s sometimes called – and all you need is a telephone, and the time to spend with her.

It’s been set for a Sunday, so hopefully it’s one day in the week you can set aside some time to explore your health issues with her.

Lynne will try to answer all your questions, too. Once you reserve your place, you will also have the chance to put your own question to Lynne. And as always happens, she tries to makes sure most questions get answered – and that usually means the 90-minute teleconference becomes a 120-minute one!

There’s just one problem (and isn’t there always!) – as it’s a live telephone call, there is a limit to the number who can listen in at the same time. Once we have our total, the doors are closed – and as we hope to answer every one of your questions, you can imagine that number is quite a low one.

And as we offer a money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

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